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Plaque Initiative for Schools Receives Requests

The American Constitution Spirit Corporation, a 501c3 foundation, has recently received numerous requests to have the plaque-sets of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights permanently placed in schools throughout the country.  
In order to fulfill these school requests, we have just launched the “Plaque Initiative Program” whereby an individual or a company can now purchase these limited edition bronze plaque-sets and donate them to schools of their choice where they will be placed permanently. Each set contains five bronze plaques, four of the Constitution representing its four separate pages and one page of the Bills Of Rights. These antique bronze plaques are beautiful works of art that are true to the original documents in every detail, even down to the ink blots made by those who signed the parchment over 230 years ago. Additionally, the donor will receive a “Donor Plaque” which will be displayed next to the plaques, crediting them for their generous contribution. Donations from the purchase of these plaque sets will be fully tax deductible  
Most historians agree that the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights are considered to be the most important documents in our nation's history. This program provides our students with an opportunity to see and read these documents up close and personal with the purpose of enhancing their appreciation for the freedoms, the rights and the values provided to all Americans.


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