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The National Constitutional Monument Temporarily Placed in Richmond, Virginia

In September 2008, the Spirit of Freedom National Exposition Tour will launch in Philadelphia and travel to 20 cities a year over a three year period. This tour will help enhance student’s appreciation for the freedoms and values they are provided as American citizens. It will also offer corporate sponsors the opportunity to be involved in a project aimed at restoring pride, education and enthusiasm in the next generation of business leaders.

The dynamic design of the 40,000 square foot Spirit of Freedom Exposition Hall will feature four atrium halls converging into a center rotunda.

§    The Spirit Rotunda will feature the five-ton Constitutional “Spirit of Freedom” Monument and a set of replicas of the four pages of the U.S. Constitution.

§    Entrance Hall Just inside visitors will be greeted with the impressive display of the bronze Bill of Rights plaque and then enter the area with touch-screen monitors educating visitors on little known facts about the history and creation of the U.S. Constitution. Along the walls will be information about the “Plaque Funding Program” and a listing of all participating schools. 

§    Patriot Movie Hall will present an inspiring 18 minute movie about the period leading up to the Declaration of Independence.

§    Freedom Theater Hall will stage an 18 minute inter-active live theater production that chronicles Washington’s massive efforts for his troops an the common soldier’s struggle for survival at Valley Forge and the Constitutional Congress’s moral and financial dilemmas.

§    Hall of History will showcase artifacts on loan from the National Archives in Washington. DC. and other revolutionary period collections. These artifacts will be explained by historical tour guides such as Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin in colonial period dress.

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